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Call for Contributions - !reFORM

Hello comradines and comrades,

Greetings from the University of Gdansk in Poland! We’re again an empty spot on the map of student protests :( The work of informing and connecting international struggles with local issues needs to be done again. That’s why we are collecting short articles and stories about (building) collective struggles and about YOU trying to transform university education. We’re interested in failures and disappointments as well as in inspiring thoughts :)

The magazine in which we want to publish them is called “!reFORM” and its previous name was... “!reVOLT” :) The new name stands for: Monies (we use plural form to stress diverse forms of money), Mobilities, Mobilisations and Multitudes, cause !reFORM means !re4M, actually. It’s going to be a zine-like paper with contributions both in English and Polish.

Our goal is to build a connection between your, more or less organised, struggles and students, precarious workers and fully employed researchers from the University of Gdansk, who are again... not-yet-organised ;) We hope that reading about other students will create some sense of ‘sameness’ and consequently constitute a ground for solidarity actions, when they will be needed.

We let the form of your contributions open. We even warmly welcome... poems :) Please, surprise us! But in order to give some boundaries (to overcome of course:), we need to say that:

1M) with Monies - we’re going to provoke students to use their ECTS points as currency, which should be accepted back by universities;

2M) with Mobilities we’re going to continue discussion about university as a (airport-like) terminal.;

3M) Mobilisations - there’s no other way to create and strengthen students-workers’ power

4M) and Multitude - cause there’s no decent place for us in the empire anyway

We’re going to wait for your contributions for the upcoming issue until April 5th. For any details please contact us privately.

Enjoy your struggles!
!reFORM Team
Grzegorz, Magdalena, Piotr

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